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Portfolio Category: Infographics

Encrochat. (Svensk Polis)

Amounts of ocean plastics. (Sveriges Natur)

This is how a perpetrator can be traced using DNA genealogy. (Polisen)

Hate crimes. (Polismuseet)

Savannah satellite survey. (Lunds Universitet)

Plastic particles spread through the atmosphere. (Sveriges Natur)

Statistics about newspaper production between 1800 and 1900. 3x1 meters large, made for an exhibition…

Forestry statistics. (Holmen magasin)

Map that shows oil leaking wrecks in the seas around Sweden. (Sveriges Natur)

The number of coworkers within the police force that got involved after a shooting between…

The Amazon rainforest is being cut down, and will probably continue that way. The infographic…

Truck thefts. (Volvo Trucks)

Explanatory graphic showing the principles of heat exchangers. (Tetra Pak)

The Tobias registry, a registry for stem cells. (Barn & Cancer)

Statistics about Höganäs' metal powder. (Höganäs)

Airb'n'b statistics. (Scandinavian Traveller)

Obstacles for swedish competitiveness. (Entreprenör)

Statistics showing how nurses move to work within Europe. (Vård i Fokus)

Explanatory graphic showing how VAT works. (Entreprenör)

The ozone cycle. (Nationalencyklopedin)

Statistics about investments in nuclear plants. ​(Tidningen Syre)

Computer game timeline. (Åbo Akademi)

If house prices would be a soccer league. (NBS Social & Digital Marketing)

Statistics showing how prices has changed between 1982 and 2012. (Sydsvenskan)

Map showing the progress of IS,Islamic State. (Magasinet NEO)

Explanatory infographic about how to prevent heavy rain. (Tidningen Vision)

Statistics about text forewords by CEO:s in annual reports. The large circle show text lenghts.…

Statistics about harbours and freight ships in Finland. (Abo Akademi)

Statistics showing number of people affected by the ebola-virus. (Sydsvenskan)

A political bus trip through Malmö, Sweden. Colours show political symphaties among people living nearby…

Explanatory graphic showing how stemcells work and which the controverses are. (Magasinet NEO)

Map showing incidents between several motorcyclegangs. (Sydsvenskan)

Map showing where minerals are produced. (Sandvik Magasin)

Map/statistics about refugee camps in Africa. (Sydsvenskan)

Explanatory graphic based on my research about how pickpockets work. (Sydsvenskan)

Statistics showing snacks sales. (Sydsvenskan)

Statistics showing length of guitar solos. I listened and measured them and found out that…

Statistics about the summerweather. (Sydsvenskan)

Statistics showing the historical ratio between the swedish and the danish currency. (Sydsvenskan)

Dysphagia, difficulty or discomfort in swallowing. (Funktion i fokus)

Cardiac resuscitation. (Praktikertjänst)

Statistics showing how teacher are threatened by students. (Skolvärlden)

Disposal of nuclear fuel. (Sveriges Natur)

Timeline showing the career of Rolling Stones. (Sydsvenskan)

Below right: Statistics about universities. (Utbildningsjournalen)

Shares of research grants for cancer. (Barn & Cancer)

Explanatory graphic showing what happened at a police shooting. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)

Map showing how water levels are increasing: if The Seventh Seal would be recorded in…

Explanatory graphic showing the mountain stages of Tour de France. (Sydsvenskan)

Timeline showing wine packaging through ages. (Tetra Pak)

Explanation of how MAX IV uses synchrotron light. (MAX IV presentation material)

Statistics showing poll results prior to the presidential election 2012 in the USA. (Sydsvenskan)

Statistics about loans from the municipality to the local soccer team. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)

Statistics about the average person from Helsingborg. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)

Statistics showing artists making their best album when they are around 30. Based on my…

Statistics about growing number of independent schools. (Skolvärlden)

Career Possibilities in the dental business. (Folktandvården)

Fatalaties and injuries caused by traffic. (Volvo Trucks)

Cochlear implants. (Funktion I Fokus)

Statistics showing how students fail to reach examination. There is also an interactive version and…

Opinions about changing the municipal tax: unchanged, decreased, increased or no opinion. (Sydsvenskan)

The system Smart Sea Logistics explained. (Åbo Akademi)

Map showing usage of antibiotics in farming industry. (Sveriges Natur)

Map showing religious schools in Sweden. (Skolvärlden)

Number of students who failed examination. The number, 68 193, is also the exact number…

Statistics about energy sources and energy usage within cloud service companies. (Camino)

Statistics showing comparison between SAS and Norwegian. (Sydsvenskan)

Statistics about James Bond movies. Credits to informationisbeautiful.net for the research. (Sydsvenskan)
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