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Statistics about newspaper production between 1800 and 1900. 3x1 meters large, made for an exhibition…

Forestry statistics. (Holmen magasin)

Map that shows oil leaking wrecks in the seas around Sweden. (Sveriges Natur)

The number of coworkers within the police force that got involved after a shooting between…

The Amazon rainforest is being cut down, and will probably continue that way. The infographic…

Explanatory graphic showing the principles of heat exchangers. (Tetra Pak)

Statistics about Höganäs' metal powder. (Höganäs)

Statistics showing how nurses move to work within Europe. (Vård i Fokus)

Statistics about investments in nuclear plants. ​(Tidningen Syre)

Computer game timeline. (Åbo Akademi)

Statistics showing how prices has changed between 1982 and 2012. (Sydsvenskan)

Map showing the progress of IS,Islamic State. (Magasinet NEO)