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Explanatory infographic about how to prevent heavy rain. (Tidningen Vision)

Statistics about text forewords by CEO:s in annual reports. The large circle show text lenghts.…

Map showing incidents between several motorcyclegangs. (Sydsvenskan)

Map showing where minerals are produced. (Sandvik Magasin)

Map/statistics about refugee camps in Africa. (Sydsvenskan)

Statistics showing length of guitar solos. I listened and measured them and found out that…

Statistics about the summerweather. (Sydsvenskan)

Dysphagia, difficulty or discomfort in swallowing. (Funktion i fokus)

Timeline showing the career of Rolling Stones. (Sydsvenskan)

Timeline showing wine packaging through ages. (Tetra Pak)

Statistics showing poll results prior to the presidential election 2012 in the USA. (Sydsvenskan)

Statistics about the average person from Helsingborg. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)